My Brother’s Keeper

“And the LORD said unto Cain,

Where is Abel thy brother?

And he said, I know not:

Am I my brother’s keeper?

And he said, What hast thou done?

The voice of thy brother’s blood

Crieth unto me from the ground.” -Genesis

And thus Cain was cast out

Troubled spawn of Adam and Eve

Perpetrator of the second sin

His destiny to wander

Alone and without direction

In the land of Nod

Somewhere East of Eden

The original Bedouin

Sometimes I wonder

At the heinous sin

That I must have committed

To be censured by God

Cast out to wander

In the land of Nod

Somewhere West of Alpha Centauri

The ideological Bedouin

Surely I have sinned


Lived a life none so righteous

Of excess, rage and hatred

Wastrel of dogmatic sensibilities

Philanderer of potential

Addict of self-absorption

I find my head

Full with grandiose ideals

Of healing the world

Recreating Eden

Carrying some holy grail

Upon shoulders
strong like Atlas

Leading by example

Of Humanistic common sense

You see

I long to be the keeper

Of all of my brothers and sisters

Yet I find myself hobbled

By frailty of will

And cowardice of spirit

I long to be the Abram of the age

Sire long lines

Of staunch individuals

Ripe with religious freedoms

One son Rasta

One daughter Shao-lin

Grandchildren following 10 commandments

In search of THE WAY

Methinks my best plan

Is to be my own keeper

And then get a date

With a girl-child of destiny

For it is always best

To at first kiss

Before planning the baby shower

Until then

I wander alone

Amidst nebulous swirl of ideals

Walkabout in the land of Nod

Searching for a star

To eclipse the moon

And somehow light my way


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