Of Tigers, Bullets and Butterfly Nets

Once upon a time

Nay, thrice upon three times

I have ventured forth

Big game hunting

Armed only

With the flimsiest of butterfly nets


The first time it happened

I was walking down a jungle path

Stalking a beautiful Leopard

When a tiger

A she-beast of uncommon strength

Lit into me with steely claws

Before I could escape

Like a gazelle

Into the savanna


The results were carnally exquisite


The tigress

Sated on my tender flesh

Stalked off to trap other prey

While I lived to hunt

Another day


The second time

I ventured forth

Butterfly net in hand

On concrete

City street

When I came upon

A heavily armed assassin


I swiped at her with my net

But soon went down

In a hail of sexual bullets

Imbedding deep into my flesh

To the heart where the emotions lie


The results were carnally exhausting


And when the dust settled

I was left with only

The dream of an unborn fetus

To keep me company

In the dark and lonely night


Wounds heal

I swear they do

And soon I found myself

Hunting the most elusive

And beautiful of all butterflies

The Ethiopian Amhara


She, all 90 pounds of her

Wrestled me to the ground

Tied my senses in knots

Painted the dreams

That happiness is made of

Left me a quivering mass

of questionable humanity


the results were psychically debilitating


I still go out hunting

With my butterfly net

Searching for the one true creature

Maybe it’s you

Who will see me

For the gentle being that I am

And behave accordingly


I still go out hunting

With my butterfly net

But now I wear Kevlar

Carry a shield

And a stoic sensibility


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