darkness falls

extinguishes the sun

like a dimmer switch

until light is nothing

but a faint memory


the total absence of light

gives rise to

newfound confidence

of insect and animal


silence giving way

to a cacophony

of symphonic orchestration

under cover of darkness


you and i sit

 by deluge of nature

encroaching into our world

wondering if it is we

who are the interlopers

knowing this to be the case




though you sit

scant inches away

i sense only your gravity







through the dark loud stillness

i feel your lips move

barely audible in whisper




i retort

because freedom is life

and life is nature

and in the end

no one

can turn back nature


in an instant

less than a moment

nature quiets

into deafening silence


the wind freshens

rising just enough

to raise goose bumps on my arms

and make hair stand tall

on the back of my neck


faint sound 
in the distance

rhythmic thumping

growing louder

searchlights scanning

break the darkness

and we stand


you grab my hand

give it a squeeze

purse your lips

mouth the word




and we walk

into the swirling chaos

of a black helicopter night


maybe someone

can destroy freedom

can turn back nature

but not on this night

it’s our time to make a stand


will you stand with me?




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