Fun fact: I fall in love with faces. I’ll often be watching a TV show or movie, surfing social media, or just living life and see an interesting face. I take a mental snapshot and who knows? Someday that person populates one of the anonymous little towns of my books.
Classic example- The gap-toothed orchid thief John LaRoche (Chris Cooper) in Adaptation in 2002 became the grizzled bass-player turned assassin Abel Jackson in ‪#‎JacksonFalls‬

Two of my characters in ‪#‎Unrequited‬ even share the names of the long lost friends for whom they are named.

More recent example- The three Duclair sisters of ‪#‎FionasRules‬ are an amalgam of five real life friends, celebrities and fictional characters.

The moral of the story: As long as there are interesting faces in the world, I’ll have more books to write.

FIONA’S RULES- A NOVEL – Paperback and Kindle Unlimited


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